Trinity Lutheran Church

“We Preach Christ Crucified.” 1Corinthians 1:23

Rev. John C. Preus, Pastor
Divine Service/Matins 9:00
Bible Class & Sunday School 10:30



Coming Up Next:

Vacation Bible School 2017

o   June 19-23 - 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM

§ 4 years old — 5th grade

o   Salvation Unto Us Has Come

– 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation –

Going through Luther’s Small Catechism

§ Monday —

·    The 10 Commandments

§ Tuesday —

·    The Apostles’ Creed

§ Wednesday —

·    The Lord’s Prayer

§ Thursday —

·    Holy Baptism

§ Thursday Evening Program (5:00 PM) —

·    The Office of the Keys

§ Friday —

·    The Lord’s Supper

o   Bible stories for the kids!

o   Crafts!

o   Music!

o   Fun Activities!

o   Snacks!!

Every Sunday:

v 9:00 Service (Communion every 1st, 3rd, & 5th Sundays, and on Festivals)

v 10:30 Bible Class & Sunday School


During the Week:

v Wednesday, 11:00 AM Bible Class from Good News Magazine

v Adult instruction and membership classes by appointment. 

v Advent & Lenten Midweek Services


Annual Events:


v Vacation Bible School

o   Every June, we spend a week with the kids teaching them about Jesus based on a comprehensive and memorable theme. 

o   A Bible verse and hymn stanza serve to tie the whole week together, and impress on their young minds and hearts what God has done in Christ to rescue us from sin and death. 

o   9:00 –1:00, Monday — Friday

o   Thursday evening program. An opportunity for parents to see what we have taught, and how much fun the kids have been having. 

o   Bible stories, crafts, activities, singing, and learning about God’s love for us in Jesus Christ prove to be an enjoyable week to start off summer vacation!   


v Christmas for Kids

o   Every December our morning Christmas program is like one day of VBS in the winter.

o   We teach the children the true meaning of Christmas: that God sent His Son to take on human flesh and blood in order that He might live and die for us sinners and bring us back to God.   

o   We teach the true joy of Jesus’ birth with songs and hymns and crafts and games in order that the children might go home having heard the Gospel. 


v Easter for Kids

o   Like Christmas for Kids, Easter for Kids is a half-day program a couple weeks before Easter. 

We teach the children what it means for Jesus to suffer and die and rise again.  He took our sins away; He died our death; His resurrection is our guarantee of new life through faith.