Trinity Lutheran Church

“We Preach Christ Crucified.” 1Corinthians 1:23

Rev. John C. Preus, Pastor
Divine Service/Matins 9:00
Bible Class & Sunday School 10:30

Trinity Lutheran Church in Clinton, Iowa, est. 1932

In July 1932, the Mission Board of Iowa District East of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod extended a Call for the beginning of work in the south region of Clinton.  On September 11, 1932, the first Sunday School was conducted in the George Schember home on 11th Avenue South.  On October 9, 1932, the first service was held in the Branch Library in Chancy Park.  Trinity Congregation was organized on December 11, 1932.  At this time the congregation numbered forty-three baptized souls, twenty-three communicants and six voting members.  Sunday School enrollment was sixty-six.

1940 — First building.  The "Little White Church On Fifth" measured seventy by twenty-four feet with a seating capacity of 160.

1947 — Purchase of a parsonage at 812 Fourth Avenue South.

1950 — A 36'x 48' stone structure with a new chancel and pastor's study was added.

1956 — The property and home of B. C. Hass east of the sanctuary was purchased and used as a Parish Hall.

1961 — The adjacent property to the east of the Hass lot was acquired.

1963 — The 812 Fourth Avenue South parsonage was sold and the 651 Fourth Avenue South property and home purchased.

1964 — The corner property at 657 Fourth Avenue South was acquired for the first parking lot.

1965 — Grand breaking for the new sanctuary-office-classrooms building.

1977 — The corner property across Seventh Street was purchased for use as an additional parking lot.

1991 — An off campus parsonage was purchased and the Fourth Avenue South parsonage was converted to a classroom for the Senior High Youth Bible Study.

1997-1998 — The 1941 & 1950 structures were  replaced with a 5,000 square foot Fellowship Hall.

1999 — The old parsonage was sold and moved, and the parking lot enlarged.  The parsonage garage was moved to the parking lot across the street.

Former Pastors

  1. Rev. Fred Muenchow — 1932-35.
  2. Rev. Paul Barth — 1936-40.
  3. Rev. William Ilten — 1941-57.
  4. Rev. George Fehl — 1957-62.
  5. Rev. Clarence Matthias — 1963-73.
  6. Rev. E.W. Richter — 1974-80.
  7. Rev. Gilbert Meseke — 1981-89.
  8. Rev. Michael Holm — 1990-2011.
  9. Rev. John C. Preus — 2011- present